Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Faulty / Damaged / Broken HDMI Socket / Jack. No picture when connected to TV or Monitor

DMC-GH4 HDMI output not working, stopped working

The micro HDMI jack may be damaged when the USB plug is forced into the HDMI jack or the HDMI plug is forced into the HDMI jack upside down. It doesn't help that the letters on the HDMI and USB jacks are embossed and hard to perceive.

This repair can also be completed on the following Panasonic cameras.

DMC-TZ40, TZ55, TZ60, TZ70, LF1, FZ1000, GM5, SZ9, FT5 and any other model that supports MICRO HDMI.

Please call or email for repair quote.

Panasoni DMC-GH4 Digital Camera HDMI Jack Socket repair.
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